Clinica Clement was born with a clear vocation of dermatological and aesthetic needs of the murcian society, and so has a team formed exclusively by dermatologists, the greatest specialists in the care and treatment both medical and surgical skin.

Located in the very centre of Murcia, Clemente clinic is a comprehensive medical-surgical Dermatology Center, where we believe in dermatology as a complete specialty that encompasses medical, surgical, and cosmetic aspects of the skin, and therefore the dermatologist is the best specialist to care for both the sick and healthy skin. A global concept of Dermatology have been doing for more than 30 years and have now developed to adapt to new technologies and to the demands of our patients.

These new demands have been notable in the field of aesthetic medicine. Currently tend to dispense with the surgery and those so frequent aggressive techniques years ago, and our patients increasingly lean is more avant-garde techniques by little invasive, involving minimum risks, and that help them rejuvenate with discretion and elegance, always looking for natural results. These new techniques of rejuvenation Dim the passage of time, and help us to eliminate wrinkles and spots, subtly improving the texture of the skin, and achieving a more youthful and healthy appearance, allowing us at the same time an immediate reinstatement to our social and working life.

Tu piel es nuestra especialidad``

Clinica Clement we are keen backers of the doctor-patient relationship, since this is the only possible basis upon which to build and plan a treatment effective and appropriate to the needs of the sick. Therefore waive sales and marketing techniques so prevalent today day, and more specific to aesthetic clinics, and we base all our attention and care of patients in a climate of transparency and, above all, of great honesty.

Clinica Clement still believes that the best treatment for the patient begins with clear information and objective, apart from any other type of interest, and a relationship of trust with the patient. Only in this way we are able to offer the highest quality in terms of dermatological and aesthetic treatments to our patients.

Why our patients are our best advertising and our engine to continue working and improving every day, with the same illusion than when we started.